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‘The Dance of Transcendence just spoke to me, resonated with me. I thought it was beautiful and had a power in it. I feel its a reminder of the joy of dance and the desire for Transcendence’

Collector USA

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‘When you see an art piece it’s intuitive, you just know its right for you. It lifts our spirits each time we look at it. We feel joy and pleasure and even a bit of pride that we found it!’

Dancing Shiva

Collector - France

‘I knew Dancing Shiva was exactly the right piece for me. I keep her in a place where I see her every morning. I enjoy the exaggerated feminine form, which always makes me smile and I am reminded that I can be liberated and grounded at the same time. It makes me believe that anything is possible, even probable, with perseverance, a positive attitude and, mostly, allowing yourself to become free of assumptions about yourself and the people around you.’

Dancing Shiva

Collector - UK

‘Each time when I walk outside, I get joy from looking at your sculpture. I often have long work calls and walk through the garden, and it just lifts my mood. Its tranquil, balanced and brings out so much positive emotion.’

The Exquisite Kiss

Collector - South Africa

‘I sat looking at this painting and got completely lost in it, it’s absolutely phenomenal.  The title couldn’t be more accurate, as it totally activates that energy. There’s an infinity of everything going on here. It takes me to another place.’

Third Eye

Collector - South Africa

Carmen Clews in the news


The World of Interiors, a Condé Nast publication.
Carmen Clews features in the March 2023 edition.


Glamour Magazine, a Condé Nast publication.
Carmen Clews talks to Glamour about her approach and inspiration for creating art.  March 2021.


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